Updates from World Technology Mapping Forum - WTMF 2019
Last updated: June 20 2019

This newsletter has been created in order to share the results and discussions that happened during the third meeting of the World Technology Mapping Forum. The forum was hosted between June 12 - 14th 2019 in the main building of the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI) - Berlin, Germany. The discussions held in the afternoon breakout workshops are always private and are not being released publicly.

We have presented the results grouped into three separate sections:

1. Results and Conclusions. Two Interactive sessions and Friday presentations.

2. Pre-forum Briefing Videos. These explain the roadmap process and some of the discussion issues.

3. The keynotes from the plenary sessions on Wednesday and Thursday.

The Goal
The goal of WTMF-2019 in Berlin was to update and discuss the first draft of the Integrated Photonic Systems Roadmap – International (IPSR-I). This looks ahead to global technology needs in 2040 and beyond. Following successful Fall and Winter input meetings in Cambridge USA and Tokyo Japan, the final draft of this new international IPRS roadmap was issued to WTMF-2019 delegates on May 31st 2019. This formed the basis of discussion in technical working groups.

The Results are In
The WTMF 2019 in Berlin concluded recently, perfectly hosted by Fraunhofer HHI. Over three days, the organisers PhotonDelta and AIM Photonics Academy, brought together the top 100 key players in photonic integrated circuits. We need to ensure the photonics industry scales and that deployment of these enabling technologies happens faster, greener and at lower cost. Discussions involve all the main platforms including Silicon Photonics, Indium Phosphide and Silicon Nitride as well as the tools and technologies needed to ramp up production, packaging, assembly and testing of these next generation chips.

Shared manufacturing platforms and underlaying standards for photonic integrated circuit design are key to scalable, cost-effective, high-volume manufacturing. This is going to be needed by emerging industries like 5G Telecom, next generation datacentres and smart industries (e.g. healthcare), as well as a wide variety of smart “connected” sensors, more commonly known as the Internet of Things.

If you would like to become involved, please contact us at roadmap@wtmf.eu

Introducing WTMF 2019

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